One Hundred Monkeys in Texas

July 11, 2008

Weighty matters

Filed under: Health — alancochrum @ 8:05 am

This morning I discovered another downside of being between full-time jobs. I stepped on the scale, and the number there was about five more than I remember it being.

I could be mistaken. I don’t really watch my weight (in the sense of keeping an eagle eye on the scale), so maybe nothing has actually changed. And it’s not like I’ve been receiving aid and comfort in the form of quarts of Blue Bell ice cream.

I team-teach a Bible class at my church, and after I told the members that I had been laid off, a nice lady of English extraction told me not to do what she had done when she lost her job of three decades: “I sat around and drank tea and ate cookies all day.”

I haven’t even been doing that. But it does occur to me that, yes, I have been getting less exercise of late, and not for the precise reason that one might think.

I used to take a train downtown, and the distance from the station to my office was a brisk five- to ten-minute walk. My guess is that between the there in the morning and the back in the evening, I was getting in a mile of so of walking five days a week, plus whatever walking around the building I was doing.

But no more. So maybe that has something to do with the larger number on the scale.

I guess my occasional walks with our dog will have to become much more regular — maybe even once in the morning and once in the evening.

Well, that should make the dog happy, anyway.


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