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July 16, 2008

One ring (from school and all)

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To Mark Sewell, 1980 graduate of Union High School (perhaps of Tulsa, Okla.): A Texas journalist is looking for you.

No, no — it’s OK. Really.

My former colleague Bob Ray Sanders of the Star-Telegram is trying to locate the owner of a class ring that I found years ago in downtown Fort Worth. I had made some initial efforts to find the owner, but without success. Upon leaving the paper, I passed the ring to Bob Ray in hopes that he might be able to pursue the matter someday.

“Someday” turned out to be today, as he devoted a column on the op-ed page to the matter. So if the description at the beginning of this post fits you or someone you know, you know where to turn. (Let’s hope that Mr. Sewell Googles his name every now and then.)

Ironically, I no longer have my own high school ring. To the best of my knowledge, I lost it while working at a ride at Six Flags Over Texas, about a year after graduating from Lamar High School in Arlington.

Perhaps that was cosmic justice, though. My father doesn’t have his ring from Fort Worth’s Paschal High, either — because I lost it after he let me play with it when I was a kid.

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