One Hundred Monkeys in Texas

October 7, 2008

Signs of the times

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Recently spotted in Tarrant County, Texas:

  • At a Sonic restaurant: “Help the economy / Eat here”
  • At a strip shopping center: a small sign with the name of a mortgage company, and immediately above it (presumably referring to a small church/ministry): “Leap of Faith”

August 13, 2008

After the storm surge?

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I was coming home yesterday from a vision therapy appointment for one of my kids when the notices caught my eye: Gasoline at $3.66, $3.65, $3.67 …

I recently have been driving significantly less than I once did, so prices may have been at this level for a while now without my noticing. But the image that leaped to my mind was the aftermath of a hurricane.

The storm swells and reaches landfall; the flood pours into the unfortunate city. The water rises, and rises, and rises, farther than many of the residents have ever seen or troubled themselves to imagine.

For a seemingly endless time, the new sea laps against the house walls and the street signs and the car tops. Then, subtly, one day it seems lower. Then it’s definite — the water is below the watermark. And gradually the grimy tide ebbs and drains, the flotsam and jetsam come to rest, and the precise damage can be calculated.

Exactly where we are in the course of Hurricane Petroleum I don’t know. (Maybe we’re only in the eye of the storm.) But the surge seems to have abated somewhat, and I somehow have a vision of teams of economists, all wearing hip waders, venturing forth to see how many of our structures are left standing, and in what condition.

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