One Hundred Monkeys in Texas

September 10, 2008

Irony on Line 1, sir

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I am reading one of those automated job-board e-mails, which notifies me that there is a career fair today at the local convention center a few miles away.

I have never been to a career fair before, nor (I suspect) is mine the sort of career that such fairs normally cater to. However: You Never Can Tell. So I make copies of my resume, pull on a tie and jacket and drive over.

And what company should be one of the main sponsors of this soiree but … yes, you guessed it: the one from which I was laid off, which only this month has been in a buyout drive. Another major sponsor: my old employer’s principal regional competitor, which has been working on a buyout drive of its own. Which, if you need a little help connecting the dots, means that neither is looking very hard for skill sets like mine at the moment.

Well, if nothing else, I got a little mental chuckle out of the morning trip.


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