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August 19, 2008

I feel her pain

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Yet another quote from Flannery O’Connor, this one from a May 1956 letter:

“My room is getting worse and worse. … I can’t put the books in the bookcase very well because I can’t tote them [because of ill health] and there ain’t any more room in the bookcases anyway, so there are books all over the bureau and books all over the floor and a large collection under the chair. Every now and then my mother declares that she can stand the sight of it no longer and she and the colored woman assault it and this is an operation that makes me feel I am being sawed in two without ether.”

My long-suffering wife, who must share a house with about 3,000 books of various kinds, would sympathize with Flannery’s mother; I would sympathize with Flannery.

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