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August 7, 2008

‘Dog’ backwards

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The dog only thinks she is mine, you have to understand.

She technically belongs to my younger daughter, who got her as a birthday present. We acquired her — the dog, not the daughter — from a pet-rescue-operation person who lived about half an hour south of our home. Molly is a sheltie — really a pretty well-behaved animal, although she barks more than my wife would like and sheds more than we need.

Her primary sleeping place is my daughter’s bedroom. But when the daughter is absent overnight — at a friend’s, say, or a church retreat — Molly has decided that the carpet at the foot of our bed is an acceptable substitute.

And since I’m the one who rubs her belly and walks her most of the time, she has decided that I am Good Company. She is lying about four feet away as I type this. When I go downstairs for lunch, she will relocate to the dining/living room near the table. When I return to the computer, she will bound up the stairs so she can be in the same room. She likes to be around me.

This ought to be a picture of me and God, who feeds, waters and shelters me and gives me treats. I ought to be as drawn to the divine presence as Molly is to mine. Suffice it to say that the “ought” is not as “is” as it should be.

I once heard about a prayer: “God, make me the kind of person that my dog thinks I am.” To that you could add: “God, make me the kind of ‘pet’ that my own pet is.”


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